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Composer, musician and multi-instrumentalist producer, Vincent Choquet has recently been branching out into a TV & short-film score writer and master musical director. We could say that Vincent Choquet has more than six strings on his guitar if he were not so familiar with piano, bass, guitar, synths as well.


“As a kid, I knew I would become a musician,” he says. At the age of 7, he composed his first pieces on the piano, recording them on his mini cassette.

The early years of his musical awakening begin with a classical course at a French conservatory here he studied for 10 years, then an increasingly marked effusion towards jazz, pop, rock. This lead to his great shock and discovery of Nirvana’s first album: “I thought to myself – what are these sounds? – and then I completely flipped.”


The years that followed were marked with a multitude of concert performances, working with renowned artists, sound engineers and the creation of a recording studio in London. Vincent would eventually becoming a talented “luthier” in the manufacture of electric guitars.


This period is also marked by his discovery of synthesizers. He created the duo, AeroBrasil, with which he toured in Canada including a date at FME in Quebec, played shows at Printemps de Bourges, the Déferlantes d'Argeles and the Beauregard festival in France, Summer Festival in Brussels and even a few dates in Romania but up to this point has not recorded an album – this is about to change.

Then a meeting with the DBFC group occurs. Here again, a multitude of shows will follow, Rock en Seine in Paris, Primavera and Vida festivals in Spain, Zénith in Paris (supporting Vitalic), Musilac festival in France and many more abroad.


More recently, Vincent has been working on productions for Souleance and Youssou N'Dour and a collaboration with Rakia who is about to release a debut album on Polydor/Universal Music. We will also see Vincent working his compositions for documentaries, advertisements and TV including writing credits for the theme of “Passage des arts”, the cultural show of Claire Chazal on France TV. He also mixed the film score “A plein temps” written and interpreted by Irène Dresel, for which she won “Best Original Score” at the César Award 2023.

Vincent Choquet’s main references: Souleance, Acid Arab, Irène Dresel, MaRRius, Youssou N'Dour, Spaghetti25c, Cecilia Krull, AeroBrasil, David Shaw & the beat, Dombrance, DBFC, Mypark, Rakia, Simon Pelé, la Pieta, LAMBERT, Luke, Riva Taylor, Krivers. He has worked on productions and remixes for Universal Music, Deutsche Grammophon, ZRP and Cooking Vinyl labels especially.

À PLEIN TEMPS - Bande-annonce
Cecilia Krull - Lost A Love
Souleance - GUILI [Audio]
La Hafla (Delmore Remix)
LAMBERT - Behave (Official Music Video)
Rakia - Kilsemok (Qu'ils se moquent - Clip Officiel)
Jingle Dimanche 2 Cinéma - France 2
KRIVERS - Freaks (official video)
france•5 | Générique "Passage des Arts" 2019
Rakia - Mon histoire
Back to Strangers
Souleance - Maneuvers [Audio]
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